• Thursday, September 6

      Julia Roberts, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth

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      Friday, September 7

      Cee Lo Green, Miranda Kerr, Chloe and Halle Bailey

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      Monday, September 10

      Season 10 Premiere Show with P!nk!

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She’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but that won’t stop Ellen from scaring her in the bathroom! Julia Roberts arrived for the show and had no idea that Ellen was crouching in her dressing room bathroom, ready to pounce!
Ellen is kicking off her monumental season on Monday, September 10! Get more details here.
Ellen's giving away a pair of tickets to one of her viewers to the 12 Days of Giveaways! All you have to do is watch the show, and then come to Ellentv.com to answer a trivia question about what you saw!
He’s had some of the biggest singles of the past decade, like ‘Forget You’ and ‘Crazy,’ now Cee Lo Green is one of the judges on ‘The Voice’! He inspired Ellen to create a game called ‘What’s in Cee Lo’s Lap?’ Who knows what he’ll have on his lap today?!


Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!

This incredible duo teamed up to perform an original song for Ellen! They may not have had a lot of rehearsal, but it's clear that this is one musical combo it would be great to hear a lot more of.

video: taylor swift and zac efron sing a duet!

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Ellen Found Funny Web Videos

These videos were too funny not to share! If there's two things the internet loves, it's videos of pets and babies. Ellen had one of each! Take a look.

video: ellen found funny web videos

Quotes of the Week

quotes of the week

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Chris Pratt Meets Ellen

The star of "MoneyBall" and "Parks and Recreation" is a big fan of Ellen's. In fact, he was on the Emmy red carpet wearing Ellen underwear! He was here with his co-star, Brad Pitt (maybe you've heard of him?), and the three had a jolly good time together.

video: ellen chats with chris pratt

Ellen Visits Boston

Last summer, Ellen visited Boston to celebrate the first official "Ellen DeGeneres Day" in the city.

video: ellen in boston

Learn More About 'Make It Right'

Brad Pitt talked with Ellen about Make It Right. So far, Ellen's fans have contributed over $1.4 million to the amazing organization. For more information about Make It Right, including how to donate, click here.

make it right

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Celebrity Crush

Ellen asked Kelly about something she said on the Internet, and Kelly revealed what her "type" is when it comes to men!

video: kelly clarkson chats with ellen

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Brad Pitt!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!

brad pitt with ellen

Brad Pitt Talks About Marriage

He's in one of the most talked-about partnerships on the planet; Brad Pitt told Ellen about how things are going with Angelina and their six amazing kids! Ellen couldn't help but give him a gift for the whole family.

video: ellen chats with brad pitt

Brad Pitt is a Fan of Naughty Audience Dancing!

Check out this hilarious video of a naughty audience dancer who decided to break it down during a commercial break. Everyone was applauding -- including Brad Pitt!

video: naughty audience dancing