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What's Wrong with These Photos?

Ellen in Orlando

Web Exclusive: Ellen and Eric Stonestreet Bust a Move!

During a commercial break, Ellen and Eric Stonestreet couldn't resist the music -- and broke out a few dance moves!

video: ellen degeneres and eric stonestreet

Web Exclusive: Dancing All Day!

The Orlando audience had a blast during the shows, and this audience member couldn't stop dancing!

video: ellen's audience member

Eric Stonestreet Takes the Plunge!

Ellen convinced Eric Stonestreet to a round of CityWalk the Plank -- and he soon regretted his decision!

ellen degeneres with eric stonestreet

Jeannie and Amy Battle The Hulk

While in Orlando, Jeannie and Amy got a chance to ride all the roller coasters -- including The Hulk. Needless to say, they were rather frightened! Watch their exciting ride and see how they handled it!

jeannie and amy riding roller coasters

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Eric Stonestreet!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
eric stonestreet
dj tony ellen in orlando ellen and eric stonestreet ellen in orlando ellen and riley chandler

Kelly Clarkson's Backstage Message

Before performing some of her greatest hits on the CityWalk stage in Orlando, Kelly recorded this backstage message to thank Ellen and all the fans.

video: kelly clarkson backstage message

Eric Stonestreet Plays Some Pranks

After telling Ellen how he got an unexpected surprise on a Universal ride, he shared a hilarious clip of a prank he played on his "Modern Family" co-star!

video: ellen degeneres with eric stonestreet

The Young Paleontologist Meets Jurassic Park!

Ellen was so impressed by the adorable 7-year-old dinosaur expert Riley Chandler, she brought him to Orlando and joined him for a ride on the Jurassic Park attraction!

video: ellen degeneres and riley chandler

Web Exclusive: LL Cool J Tests the T-Shirt Cannon

After his interview, LL Cool J took Ellen's t-shirt cannon out for a test run, to the audience's delight!

video: ll cool j tests the t shirt cannon

Web Exclusive: Elizabeth Reacts to Herself!

The audience loved all the hilarious moments when Ellen brought Elizabeth around the resort wearing a blindfold -- but how did Elizabeth feel about it? Watch her reactions and find out for yourself!

ellen's audience member

The Orlando Audience Loves to Dance!

The audience at the CityWalk sure loved dancing -- and Ellen got everyone going!

video: ellen's audience dances

Amy Introduces CityWalk the Plank!

Ellen created the brand new game CityWalk the Plank, and sent Amy to introduce it to the audience. Amy ended up getting more than she bargained for!

video: citywalk the plank game

Ellen Introduces New Rides at Universal!

Universal Orlando Resort is always growing, so Ellen helped NBCUniversal introduce some of the upcoming -- and somewhat questionable -- attractions!

video: ellen in universal orlando theme park

Web Exclusive: Ellen Hides from the Audience!

Did you wonder how Ellen got to her entrance without being spotted by the audience? She had some help from trusty crew members and a few potted plants!

ellen hides from the audience

Dance Attack Hits Orlando!

Ellen's favorite new guest, Robert Hoffman, brought his hilarious combination of scares and dancing -- the Dance Attack -- to Orlando!

video: dance attack hits orlando

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring LL Cool J!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
ll cool j
ellen in orlando ellen in orlando ll cool j duran duran jennifer aniston

Jeannie and Amy Battle Doctor Doom's Freefall!

Ellen's staff members, Jeannie and Amy, went for a fearful ride on the thrilling Doctor Doom's Freefall at Universal Orlando Resort. Watch their hilarious reactions through the entire ride right here!

jeannie and amy on the ride

LL Cool J Walks the Plank!

After LL Cool J helped Ellen play CityWalk the Plank, she put him on a plank to find out what it's really like!

video: ll cool j walks the plank

Ellen is Back in Orlando!

After kicking-off the show in style at Universal Orlando Resort, Ellen reflected on what she's noticed after five years of having fun in Orlando!

video: ellen is back in universal studio resort orlando

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Blindfolded on the Roller Coasters!

Ellen took one of her energetic audience members, Elizabeth, around the park -- and on the exciting rides... but first made her wear a blindfold!

video: ellen takes a blindfolded audience member on a roller coaster