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Bad Paid-For Photos

Clumsy Thumbsy

12 Days of Giveaways

What's Wrong with These Photos?

Ellen in Chicago

Naughty Audience Dancing -- Chicago-Style!

Before the audience settled down for Ellen's "Somewhat Special Special," they showed off their moves -- and we have them all right here for you!

video: audience dancing in chicago

Sneak Peek at Ellen's Chicago Monologue

We're giving you a sneak peek at Ellen's opening monologue for her "Somewhat Special Special." Don't forget to tune in tonight to watch the whole thing!

video: ellen's chicago monologue

Ellen Chats with the Audience in Chicago

One of Ellen's favorite parts of stand-up is the chance to talk with the audience. Watch what happens when Ellen gets up close and personal -- and meets a fan with quite a story to tell!

video: ellen answers your questions

Have You Ever Seen Magic Like This?

These quick-change artists are hard to believe. Watch closely to see a special guest appear -- and watch Ellen's "Somewhat Special Special" on TBS this Sunday!

Learn more about the amazing Sos and Victoria Petrosyans and "The New Generation of Costume Change Illusion" by visiting their website.

video: magic on ellen's somewhat special special

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Ping Pong, Kabuki-Style

An impressive team of Kabuki artists performed on Ellen's TBS special in Chicago, airing this Sunday, June 27 on TBS. Check out this sneak peek!

Acrobats from Every Angle

Ellen invited the Catwall Acrobats to perform on her TBS special in Chicago -- and she's showing you every angle of their amazing performance.

video: catwall acrobats

Ellen's special airs this Sunday, June 27 on TBS -- don't miss it!

Ellen's Raw Interview in Chicago!

Ellen sat down in the lobby of the famous Chicago Theater to talk about her "Somewhat Special Special," and told how she feels about the upcoming "American Idol" auditions, and more!

video: ellen's tbs interview - raw

Ellen's special airs this Sunday, June 27 on TBS -- don't miss it!

An Amazing Act from Ellen's TBS Special

You won't believe your eyes when you see this athlete in action -- check out this sneak peek at an act from Ellen's "Somewhat Special Special," airing this Sunday, June 27 on TBS -- don't miss it!

video: an sneak preview of ellen's somewhat special special

Ellen's Touching Moment at the TBS Special

While taping her TBS special, Ellen shared an amazing moment with this longtime fan. He surprised her with an old photo that she just loved. Be sure to catch "Ellen's Somewhat Special Special" Sunday, June 27th on TBS to learn the story behind the photo.

ellen and a fan

Ellen's Interview with NBC 5 Chicago

After dropping-in on a live news broadcast from NBC 5 in Chicago, Ellen sat down for a real interview that aired today in Chicago. She talked about the hilarious encounter with the news team, her upcoming TBS Special, how she got into comedy, and more. See the whole thing right here.

nbc 5 chicago

Ellen Rehearses for Her 'Somewhat Special Special!'

Today Ellen is taping her "Somewhat Special Special" in Chicago. To make sure everything goes smoothly, she rehearsed a few things today, including an audience Q&A. She took a few questions from her writers, and told one that a surprise was waiting in the lobby! Be sure to catch Ellen's special Sunday, June 27th on TBS.

video: ellen's rehearsal

Ellen's Chicago Twitter Followers Aim for Tickets!

Ellen's upcoming TBS special in Chicago is sold out, but she still had a few VIP tickets to give away -- so yesterday she told her Twitter followers to meet her staff at The Bean for a chance to win them -- and we had a camera there to catch what happened!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and be sure to catch "Ellen's Somewhat Special Special" Sunday, June 27th on TBS.

Hot Tips for Cool Fun in Chicago!

Ellen had some free time while in Chicago and didn't know what to do, so she asked her Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Take a look at all the great tips they had for Ellen!

Things to See and Do in Chicago: Tips from Ellen's Fans!

Twitter: @Sopaw21

@TheEllenShow Locate and kidnap the Stanley Cup!

Twitter: @jscottyb21

@TheEllenShow find the original location of Billy Goat Tavern made famous by Belushi on SNL. It"s not easy to find

Twitter: @mayathemenace

@TheEllenShow go to wrigleyville!

Twitter: @Juliaprice

@TheEllenShow Go and visit Oprah!!

Twitter: @JeBoiEssi

@TheEllenShow hang out with kanye, duh haha

Twitter: @stephjonasxo

@TheEllenShow You should…ride the ferris wheel on Navy Pier? :p

Twitter: @rori_calhoon

@TheEllenShow grant park! the fountains are beautiful!

Twitter: @Soaplover22 78

@TheEllenShow take pics with random people & post them on twitter!

Twitter: @srgroenewold

Twitter: @srgroenewold

@TheEllenShow Take a ride on the brown line Loup of downtown historic chicago.

Twitter: @emmcginley

@TheEllenShow Walk along the lake or go to a nice restaurant!

Twitter: @TheOriginalAliG

@TheEllenShow Get a boat and go do an architecture tour on the water. I loved it! #ElleninChicago

Twitter: @g_jas63

@TheEllenShow GO SEE THE BEAN!

Twitter: @Twentynine

@TheEllenShow the museum of science and technology has a crazy dome theatre that has some awesome stuff

Twitter: @dmtigrrr

@TheEllenShow Go drink out of the Stanley Cup!

Twitter: @JONASDCoriginal

@TheEllenShow omg u should do everything ferris buller did lol

Twitter: @Tara_Sigma766

@TheEllenShow I ♥ Chicago! Check out Grant Park! I’ll be there in August for Lollapalooza! It’s known as Chicago’s front yard

Twitter: @Aubreandrus

@TheEllenShow a drink at the Signature Room at the top of the John Hancock!

Twitter: @drawbey

@TheEllenShow Go see the glass domes in the cultural center.

Twitter: @Connie_79

@TheEllenShow I loved the Library…because of Time Traveller´s Wife & things was thr w/ my cousin in marchMilleniun Park is nice 2

Twitter: @NileyJemi19

@TheEllenShow go to the top of the SEARS TOWER in the skybox! its awesome! or navy pier. or grant park

Twitter: @Mani_shad69

@TheEllenShow go to the Sears Tower else take a boat ride in the Chicago downtown lake, they have boat tours

Twitter: @teejax

@TheEllenShow – Come to the Hancock Observatory! Best view in the city and I’ll get you in for free!

Twitter: @MatouLechat

@TheEllenShow find a float and go ferris buller on us! dankeshein!

Twitter: @Gardnervh

@TheEllenShow Get on the river taxi and do some standup till the next stop. The Sears Sky Deck glass floor thing. Run along the lakefront.

Twitter: @rhea_butcher

@TheEllenShow Come to the Willis Tower! See my office! We have ping pong! #elleninchicago

Twitter: @HAVEuEVER

@TheEllenShow you have to go the famous Buckingham Fountainin Grant Park (from married with children)

Facebook: Chris Crandall Brarens

you could call Z107.5 so I could win a car!!!!!! Whoever gets the coolestcelebrity to call the station by the end of the month wins a car and my sister wrecked our old one.. :-)

Facebook:Danielle Attwood-Mcdonald

line up and see if you can get tickets for oprah see if anyone recognizes you

Facebook: Angela Lewis

go to the sears tower and look down they have a glass stepping area that makes you look like you’re standing on the outer edge of the building! its so wild

Facebook: Amanda Six

Go on a Segway tour with Segway Steve! I don’t think the 70’s were good for him! He’s nuts, but tons of fun! :)

Facebook: Megan Wills

Head to navy pier!!! the ferris wheel is pretty amazing…u can see everything from up there!!

Facebook: Dennis Diaz

I say, You and your crew could go and crash harpo studio’s.

Facebook: Ellen Hulsey-Gravett

How about the Zoo? I hear alot about “cubs” in that city……

Facebook: Heidi Sneddon

Call katy perry. Just saw on twitter that she is there 2. How cool would that b? And I set it up : ) x

Facebook: Lisa Bandt

Go to my old high school alma mater…Forest View High School…Lee Dewyze went there after it became an alternative school.

Facebook: Pam Burton

The Chicago Tribune building with rocks from historic landmarks from around the world embedded in its walls.

Facebook: Mary Lucid

The animal shelter and adopt a pet!

Facebook: Aunt Barb

Well if it’s only an hour I’d head over to the M&M store on Michigan Ave.

Facebook:Joanne Kubbernus

If Stanley is there go see it…. :)

Facebook: Courtney Woodcock

Go to the John Hancock building and ride the elevator up to the top and back down. Fastest elevator in the world. Over 90 floors.

Facebook: Gloria Simmons Gerken

Get a picture of you on the Skydeck Ledge 104 stories up in the Sears (Willis) Tower. I’m sure you would crack us up with all you would do in that clear box hanging out over nothing!

Facebook: Lynnda Manville

take oprah’s operator to lunch…the one that helped get u on the cover. You owe him & I wanna see what he looks like please.

Facebook: Anthony Christopher

The Obama family, their taking a vacation to Chicago instead of the Gulf of Mexico.

Facebook: Mare Bob Linker

Go to the CUBS game!! Sing the 7th inning stretch!

What Are Your Favorite Chicago Hotspots?

Ellen is in Chicago today and has an hour of free time... and she wants to have some fun! What are your favorite things to see and do in Chicago that Ellen should know about? Comment below!

Ellen's Favorite Chicago Moments!

Ellen is in Chicago this week for her TBS special, which will air June 27th. It's not her first time in Chi-Town -- she always has a lot of fun in the Windy City! Take a look at some of the memorable moments from her last visit.

ellen's favorite chicago moments

Ellen's Chicago Dance Cam!

The most fantastic dancers on the planet went to our Chicago Dance Cam to show their moves to the world! Take a look at these movers and shakers!

video: ellen's chicago dance cam

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Ellen Interrupts Chicago's NBC 5 News

Ellen is in Chicago to tape her TBS comedy special, "Ellen's Somewhat Special Special." She decided to drop by the NBC 5 news station -- while they were live! She had fun chatting with the anchors before helping out with a hilarious weather forecast.

video: ellen interrupts nbc 5 news in chicago

Ellen Interrupts NBC 5 News in Chicago!

Ellen is currently in Chicago, and she decided to drop by the local NBC news station -- while they were live!
local nbc news station
local nbc news station local nbc news station local nbc news station    

Ellen Warming Up in Chicago!

This is me preparing for the seventh inning stretch tomorrow night.

Ellen Warming Up in Chicago!

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My Kind of Clown... Robin Is!

Robin Williams drenched Ellen's Chicago audience with some hilarious routines, including his hysterical impression of Barack Obama letting loose as soon as he's elected.

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