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Bad Paid-For Photos

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What's Wrong with These Photos?

Bethenny's 'Look for Less'

Here are all of the outfits that Bethenny featured in her "Look for Less" portion of the show. We've also included where to find the great pieces and how much they cost!

navy dress

Navy Stretch Dress for $17.95 at H&M
Print Scarf for $9.95 at H&M
Total cost of this outfit: $27.90

orange dress

Camel Blazer for $29.95 at H&M
Orange Wrap Dress for $14.95 at H&M
Wide Belt for $16.99 at Target
Beaded Necklace for $16.99 at Target
Total cost of this outfit: $78.88

dots and stripes

Polka Dot Shirt for $24.95 at Target
Tassel Necklace for $19.99 at Target
Striped Skirt for $32.94 at Old Navy
Total cost of this outfit: $77.88


Top: Stella McCartney Wedge Ankle Boots for $575
Bottom: Old Navy Wedges on sale for $20

woven bags

Top: Bottega Veneta Brown Woven Bag $4,600
Bottom: Marshall's Knockoff $34.99

red bags

Right: Proenza Red Shoulder Bag for $1,595
Left: Macy's Red Bag on sale for $20


Right: Yves Saint Lauren Pumps for $795
Left: Target Pumps for $35

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I also liked the red bag....the "knock-off" checked the Macys website and it doesn't exist, damn it. Where can we get it from ???????????????????

I was only talking about this the other day as todays ep is a repeat here in Australia. Look I love love love Bethenny and watch anything she appears in but this is a little crazy. Bethenny taking like to a cheap bag when she is constantly photographed carrying Hermes bags worth $1000's and wearing very expensive clothing and shoes. Please keep it real Bethenny, thats what we love about you.

I love the jacket as well and what kind of jeans was she wearing and where do you get them?


Sorry B you are wrong. I live in CT and the red Macy's bag is non-existent...check out their website if your don't believe me. Perhaps only in NYC. I bought one for on sale $78.00 that looks more like the original,non-knock off.

Also, those booties are not on sale at Old Navy in CT, they are on sale for $29.99 Columbus Day sale only...

You gotta get your facts straight, or we'll all be shopping and spending full price!

Beautiful clothes, but again what about poor plus sized ladies or those in transition to "skinny"?

I love the big red bag from Macy's
Is it Macy's own brand?
Also what is the material made of?
Thank you.

Love, love, love the jacket Bethenny was wearing on the show. Where can I find this jacket?

Where can I find the sequined jacket that Bethenny wore on the show?

If these 2 segments were a test for Bethenny to
have a Telepictures show (co-produced by Ellen)
she failed miserably. Maybe that's why she seemed
nervous or not focused or funny.

I don't think people would tune in for a Bethenny
Rachel Ray type show daily.

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