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Kathy Freston Helps a Family Get Healthier

Ellen sent vegan expert Kathy Freston to a viewer's home to teach her how easy it is to live better and cook healthier. Watch to see some of her great tips, then be sure to check out Ellen's Life page for more great recipes and resources. You can also find Chef Tal Ronnen's book there.

video: kathy freston helps a family live healthier

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I just saw the segment with Kathy Freston, this is all well and good as long as you can afford to purchase this type of food. What about those of us that are trying to feed your family on a limited income? I picked up a can of tuna today for lunch because thats all the money I had. Last night we had a treat, pasta with ground beef and sauce. I would love to be able to eat well, maybe if someone came to my apartment and showed me how to eat well on $30 a week and I was able to go on a show that gave me a year worth of food, then maybe my son and I can eat well.

Missing from the vegan conversation is a discussion on sodium levels in many of the vegan products. Sodium can be just as bad for your heart as fat can be.
I looked at the nutrition information on the Gardein website and in one portion of Burgendy trio there was 710mg of sodium. Ideally it should contain less than 200mg of sodium.

Something to be aware of.

Don't agree with that at all. Raise your own chickens, then you can eat the eggs and the meat and know what goes into it. It is healthy if it is eaten in moderation. Meat was never meant to be the main staple of a diet but with the correct portions, proper exercise and proper diet there is no reason to cut it out completely.

A healthy diet should NEVER involve that much processed food! If you take meat out of your diet and substitute it with processed food that is made entirely of soy and gluten, it is quite possible that you are becoming less healthy.

I hate to quote Micheal Pollan, but seriously, eat real food, mostly plants. It tastes great and will endlessly broaden your palate!

Oh - and if you are giving up meat for environmental reasons - that is a great thing! However, you must be just as careful when buying meat-alternatives. GMO soy and corn are just two examples of potentially devastating products filling up those "chik-n" nuggets.

Please tell the whole story!

Everybody has a right to choose their own diet. The promotion of a vegan diet should not upset anyone. It has been proven that vegans and vegetarians have on average, a higher life expectancy, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, & a lower risk of heart attack, etc. Just check the USDA & FDA guidelines. It is all there.
I am not necessarily saying that eggs are bad, because I do not believe that at all, but if you actually educate yourself on factory farming and where your eggs and meat come from, how the animals are treated & slaughtered, what they are fed in order to grow at a rate that earns more profit, etc etc etc, then maybe you can earn the right to start judging a vegan lifestyle.
I am so surprised from the outrage that comes from someone promoting a vegan diet. Shouldn't there be MORE outrage from a fastfood and unhealthy diet? Afterall, heart disease (one of the top killers in USA/Canada) stems from a poor diet and high body fat.

The notion that vegans are unhealthy and have more health problems is hilarious and ridiculous. Been vegan for a while, lost some extra pounds, became a faster runner, more energy, skin cleared up. I have absolutely no deficiencies either.

... "Nuff said".. lol.

I agree with much, except for no eggs,milk and such. I feel that our nation has made meat the main ingredient which it is not meant to be. It is up to us to ensure cruelty to animals in eliminated research and look into who you buy from, buy from local farms, or instead eat meat alternatives.

Vegans just have other health issues many times than meat eaters. They have done studies that say plants feel pain. The electrical impulses they throw off when plucked or disturbed is much like the ones thrown off by animals and humans when in pain. I am for compassionate farming, but it seems vegans overlook some life forms' pain. This fad too will pass. Hopefully, it will leave a kinder farming technique behind. I am like the native americans in that we must not waste and animals sacrificing themselves to each other and us is nature's plan. I feed Halo to my pets. It has meat in it. Nuff said.

As a registered dietitian, I would like to second Kim's comment. It is important to understand that all cholesterol is not created equal. In addition, evidence suggests that saturated fats are more likely to increase body cholesterol than is dietary cholesterol. The "eggs are bad" myth was busted long ago but unfortunately the fear still remains.

Somebody beat me to this subject. One egg DOES NOT have more cholesterol than two Big Macs. Your credibility suffers Ellen from this woman's inaccurate info to sell her book. And I am not in the food or chicken raising industry. These yuppie type vegans are worse for their cause than they realize.

Someone on your show really has to ensure your guests are providing accurate info.

Kathy Freston states the dangers of high cholesterol in eggs. This is simply false information. The cholesterol in eggs has been PROVEN to lower LDL and raise HDL which actually is GOOD for you. The cholesterol in eggs is NOT the type that clogs your arteries.

Having someone on your show provide inaccurate info makes you in turn, look ignorant to the facts.

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