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Kathy Freston Helps a Family Get Healthier

Ellen sent vegan expert Kathy Freston to a viewer's home to teach her how easy it is to live better and cook healthier. Watch to see some of her great tips, then be sure to check out Ellen's Life page for more great recipes and resources. You can also find Chef Tal Ronnen's book there.

video: kathy freston helps a family live healthier

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Wow! There seem to be a lot of people ticked off about the vegan show you had. I don't eat red meat at all I do eat a lot of fruits and veggies even though I'm not vegan I am going to try out some of the recipes .

I would like to win Kathy Frestonand duran and
duran new album

Personally, some facts may have been misrepresented. I could give a care less about people that make their livings with cattle ranches, etc. WE owned a farm for many years and our livestock was never sold for food at all. What kind of person goes out to get a job slaughtering and killing animals anyway?

No one should be eating meat. This is a sore spot with me anyway. Humans started their evolutionary process as vegetarians, so it's not an unreasonable way to live. Another oddity I've noticed is that since I stopped eating meats, people actually ridicule me when they find out - very strange. I don't advertise it, but occasionally someone notices.

I'm simply hoping I will not be among those in the future that are battling high blood pressure and dropping dead from strokes and heart attacks.

Many of you go on and judge this woman by her comments, however, if we americans were not ignorant to the real facts for so long, meat and dairy would not have become the main factor to every meal. you can go on sticking up for your animal products all you want, but the truth is the truth. and the truth is, animal products are a major factor in what causes so much disease in this country.

You're all buying into the lies and addiction they put into these products they are selling to you. Take notice: After every meat commercial on tv, there's a cheese commercial. and after that, a milk commercial.do you ever see commercials for veggies? no it's all about "have more meat! have some cheese with your meat! that cheese on your pizza? that isn't enough! let's put cheese in the pizza crust too!" and in between are commercials about breast cancer, colon cancer,osteoporosis, heart pain, diet pills, tums, pepto bismol, diabetes. It's ridiculous.

After Ellen has had SO many great segments about Veganism, she has most likely been asked millions of times 'what do you eat besides vegetables?' because as a vegan, that's what im asked constantly, along with 'how do you get any protein without eating meat?' Having this segment gives those that are uninformed of the possibilities that the vegan world has now. we never had so many alternatives, and it's really amazing. YES, they are not good to have with every meal, or on a daily basis, but some are really great sources of protein. The fact that some of you say that vegans have more illness and disease than meat eaters is hilarious to me. I have been vegan for a while now and i've never felt better, i've never eaten more amazing food in my life, i've lost weight, my skin is clear, and i hardly get sick compared to how much i did when i consumed animal products.

Ignorance is not always bliss my friends.

Hey, Ellen. Great to promote veganism! I've been veg since 1990 & vegan since 1995. Can I get a check for $10,000 x 16 :)? wink wink, nudge nudge

WTF!? Did i seroiusly just hear all that BULL**** info on ELLEN??!! Where the heck did u find that misinformed moron?? She should be sued by the chicken coop...not the egg thats cracked lady!! wow lmao. i got some eggs to eat now.

I agree that Kathy Freston totally misrepresented the facts about saturated fat in boneless chicken breasts and eggs. It is one thing to be enthusiastic about the value of becoming vegan but quite another to put out facts that are totally wrong and not by a small number. Of all the great gifts Ellen gives to deserving viewers, the 10k was overboard for a family that has been on this diet for two days...why not let them really try it out with the product for at least a month or two. I love Ellen and her show and can honestly say this is the first guest that really annoyed the heck out of me by misrepresenting facts. It is proof positive that anyone can write a book and not sure what credentials comes with this one...just saying....

Thank you to those of you who were kind enough to post more accurate nutritional information than Ellen's former model/vegan guru put out there. How is she qualified? Anyone can write a book. I, too, looked on the USDA site and was disappointed to find that Ms. Freston's comments were inaccurate and misleading. I think it's great if you want to go vegan, but don't try to fool me into it! Also, I have purchased a lot of the vegan prepared food, and it is very expensive. You can only buy one or two tiny entrees for the price of an entire chicken.

I just watched this segment. I don't mind people promoting veganism. As long as they have accurate information on what they're saying on live tv. Where did she get her facts about the cholesterol in an egg and the saturated fat of a "skinless" chicken?! (I'm putting quotes on skinless because she put air quotes on it when she was talking about it on tv. lol)

Veganism is a personal choice and people need to figure out what their goals are when changing health lifestyles. But becoming a vegan doesn't mean it's the ultimate way to being healthy.
There are lots of ways like exercising, cut down on junk/fatty foods, etc. Just eat in moderation or watch what you eat!

A lot of people who are not vegan are just jealous they cant have the self restraint to not eat meat or animal products. I feel so much better being "veganish." People will eat what they want. Eat all the meat you want and get fat. Fat america. Ive lost weight and am now healthy because I cut out meat. I love her book.

I was interested until Kathy said Chicken was 20% fat. What nutrition guide is she using?? A skinless chicken breast is 142 calories, with 3g of total fat (5% of DV),and 1g of saturated fat (4% of DV- not 20%). I have no problem with people eating vegan or vegetarian, but I do have a problem with misleading the public (or outright lying)

Vegan Schmegan, People have been eating meat, aggs and dairy for many years now. Its called moderation. What about the thousands of people that rely on the income from there chicken farms or like myself who owns and operates a cattle ranch. I dont care what anyone says, there is nothing better than a Bbq steak or burger once in a while. Why do some people that have a stage to preach have to go so overboard about everthing.If I had my own talk show I would tell the world all the good things about milk ,aggs and meat. Hey, just saying.

Ellen, I don't have the extra money to go buy this book but I am very interested in reading it. I am from Montana where we eat a lot of deer, elk, fish, and some chicken. where does wild meat fit into this diet? Can you send me this book please. Thank you for reading my emial Susan

Am I the only one that is jealous of the 1 year supply of Gardein products? I LOVE their products and I have been vegan for 14 years... where's my $10,000? :)

I have a real issue with the comment made at the beginning of the interview, when Kathy said that eating vegan saves the planet. That is absolutely false, especially when you replace meat with monocrop products like soy and rice. Meat farms are absolutely bad for the environment and are cruel to animals, but local, organic and free range meat is tenfold healthier for you and the planet. Have you read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith? She writes from the experience of having been a vegan for over a decade and shares the facts, impacts and effects that vegan and vegetarianism has on the environment, species extinction, climate and topsoil, among other things. Though I accept and realize that diet is a completely personal choice, I believe that both sides of the spectrum should be shared.

I agree with all the posts regarding the sodium levels, etc of the processed vegan foods. I have found a few items that do not contain soy that have an acceptable sodium content. My other issue is that no one talks about the effects that soy may/can have. I will not feed my daughter soy as studies have shown that infants fed soy formula have way to much estrogen in their systems - equal amounts to 5 birth control pills a day!!! I believe in everything in moderation but avoid soy as much as possible. I agree with the others that posted eat as much natural food as you can.

A lean chicken breast is 20% fat???? LOL who would believe anything she says! And all the cholesterol in an egg? You might mention that egg whites have no cholesterol!

As much as I love to eat vegan food, at vegan restaurants, etc. I definately do not believe this should be advertised as a healthy vegan diet. While maybe on occation it is acceptable to enjoy meat substitutes, it is not healthy to be eating primarily processed foods that are very high in sodium. Hopefully people will not be swayed to eat this way and thinking they are making a healthy choice. We should be trying to eat primarily from the earth, which can definately not include animal products, but not this way!

People should eat what they want based on good sound information. Kathy Freston stated that skinless chicken is 20% fat, that's bullshit. 1.4 gm.of fat in 4 oz. of skinless chicken equals just over 1%. I too have cholesterol and blood pressure problems and would like to find my answers in diet, but people spewing rediculous claims on your show won't help me or anyone else make informed decisions.

Based on the above info, I guess the famous saying holds true...."everything in moderation".

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