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An Inspirational 150-Pound Weight Loss!

Today Richard Simmons joined one of Ellen's former staff members, David Garcia, as he shared how he lost over 150 pounds in the past year with Richard's help. It's an inspiring story you'll want to watch!

You can find out more about David and follow his weight-loss journey on his blog: Keep It Up, David!

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Yeah, it happens sometimes ... Nothing special.

Thats super! I Started out at 260 & I am 5'6" Tall , a 35 year old female~mother of 3 , & was considered morbidly obese from BMI~Now I am normal ~Counted calories & exercised & I am now down to 127 to 132 & maintaining after 2 years of hard work.Lost a total of 133 pounds I lost over half myself.~I WOULD LOVE TO MEET U RICHARD SIMMONS ~he has always been such a motivator & U too Ellen! I am ending this with advice to those trying to lose weight: TO ANYONE LOSING WEIGHT THE KEY IS TO NEVER GIVE UP~If u give up u will never reach your goal but if u keep trying & Never give up ~You never know u just might do it because u can!

Most people love your blog and this blog http://fitrxweightloss.com

Hi there. Just watch the video of David. You are amazing. I to is at your starting weight. I've tried everything and seem to get to 360 then I stop. The 25 years I packed it on by low esteem, 2 babie and food. It has become a close friend. Getting up & moving is the hardest thing so I understand all your feelings. Living in a small town Kansas, we don't have the things availabe like you all.
Oh how I wish I could meet you, Richard & Ellen. My body is killing me slowly. Keep going and I keep track of you. Thanks Elen for stepping out on many subjects that other tend to tred away.

So what?
He lost weight and good for him. I love Richard.
BUT, life is not about the constant centered of food obsession and weight loss. Not everyone is fat because they over eat. And not everyone who overeats is fat.
There is more to life than the rolls...
And people are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.
The focus on obesity takes away from more important things in life.

Hi Ellen I am a huge fan and just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your laugh. You have the most unique laugh I have ever heard and everytime you laugh I laugh with you. It makes me smile. Thanks for all you do.

I need you Richard :(.....

I am SO disappointed that i missed this! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Richard Simmons and work out to his Blast and Tone video a few times a week.
Once I go back to work next month I plan on getting more of his DVDs. He is FANTASTIC and David--you look wonderful and SO much happier!
In another 40 pounds I will have joined you in losing more than 150 pounds! You have motivated me when I really needed it!
Thank you, David, thank you, Richard, and thank you, Ellen for sharing this with us.

I love you Richard!! I always will!! We need to meet!! JennML8@aol.com please write me, as I would love to speak with you. David, you are amazing, and soooooo proud of you. I, too have lost your weight and I now help others get healthy. Your story sooo inspiring. Ellen, I am without words, I see your heart and thank you soo much for advocating against bullying. My son goes thru this all the time. 4 suicide attempts because of it. I am ending it by turning the world onto Gary King. see PayTruthForward.com to see a man speaking to youth around the country. We can and will make this a better place. Have lyrics for an amazing song. Hey, Grayson will you sing it for me? Yess!!!!!

I love Richard Simmons. He is such a goof most of the time but he truly has a good heart and wants to help people and inspire people to be better. Kudos to him and David.

I've known Richard for many years now, and will always admire how he inspires people, having lived it himself, he truly is a wonderful angel, with all he does, he teaches people to believe in themselves, and that losing weight can be fun in the process. Congratulations David, on your journey to a new you! Remember, you are worth it, each and everyday!

Congradulations David! I know how hard it is. I was a.. well fat kid. when i graduated high school I moved and decided to change the way i lived. i lost 70 pounds with good eating habits and exercise. congrats you made it!

I am truly a believer in Natural Colon Rescue ( HTtp://bit.ly/NaturalColonRescue ) I started taking it mid-April and on the 5th of May I had lost almost 10lbs. Now, I had been watching my diet and exercising, but the immediate difference from Natural Colon Rescue was obvious. One of my problem areas is my belly, I was always bloated, feeling like I was about 9 months pregnant and honestly, I looked it too! After starting with the cleanse, my bloating went down in a week. I knew that I needed to cleanse, but this just reassured me that not only I needed to do so but I needed to do so more often. Natural Colon Rescue ( htTp://bit.ly/NaturalColonRescue ) also helped me to feel more satisfied and my skin was looking better - what an awesome way to feel!

Thank you for posting this. It's so inspiring to learn the story of a "real" person who lost a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time in a "real" way - eating properly and moving more - not with surgery or drugs.

As someone who has 100-plus pounds to lose, I have been extremely overwhelmed by my weight. I completely relate with David's statement about feeling like a failure or seeing a failure in the mirror. I'm so afraid to make yet another attempt, because I've failed so many times.

David's story encourages me to believe in myself enough to give this another try. I'm always waiting for the "perfect" time, but it's obvious that there never is a perfect time. What there is is now, today. I don't want to let one more minute of my life slip away, with me identifying as a fat failure. Failure is an event, not a person (Zig Ziglar). I am not a failure. My attempts may have failed, but so did Edison's - about 10,000 times - before he suceeded with the lightbulb.

Thank you, David, for sharing your story. Thank you, Richard, for reaching out to David and offering your help and support. I remember watching The Richard Simmons Show as a (chubby) child, how inspiring and entertaining it was then. It's nice to know that some things (and people) never change.

Good luck to you, David!

Amazing! Just as Richard inspired David, David will be an inspiration to many with his incredible accomplishment! Taking the steps to lead the healthiest life possible is no easy task - WAY TO GO DAVID!!!

How do I get in touch with David? What an inspiration!!! I've seen many weight loss success stories, but his hit home like no other!

That is so awesome that David was able to commit to losing that much weight!

I have run a half marathon this past year and I work out two days a week but I still way over 150 (5'3" tall) because I lack discipline on the food side. I'm going to go through my fridge tonight and give it the New Year's Cleaning!! Thanks for this video!

P.S. I love Richard Simmons! I think he is an amazing inspiration to anyone and I feel his work truly changes people for the better.

Congratulations to David Garcia, it's not easy to change your lifestyle. My daughter was as big as a mini cooper car 4 years ago until she decided to lose weight. She has lost over 280 lbs and has gained her life back. She is my personal hero and I have seen how hard it is to keep your new healthy life going. Again, congratulations to David.

I am troubled by the focus on being thin.

If someone is healthier (no evidence of this was given -better LDL? better BP? healthier how exactly?) and happier at a different weight, great - but Ellen also mentions the fact he had "never been thin" in his life. Coming from someone whose wife had a painful eating disorder, she knows there is a flip side to the "being thin" ideal.

It is hard to balance the ideals of being happy, being healthy and being an "ideal" weight without possibly reinforcing the shame of those struggling with body image issues whether they weigh 400 or 88 pounds. Maybe I am the only person bothered by this "being thin" focus - but I felt I had to say something to open up some dialogue on the topic.

I wish I had the courage to do that!?

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