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Bad Paid-For Photos

Clumsy Thumbsy

12 Days of Giveaways

What's Wrong with These Photos?

Win Every Single 12 Days Gift During 'Watch and WINter' Contest!

This year, Ellen gave away incredible gifts during her 12 Days of Giveaways -- and we're giving you a chance to win every single one of them! That's almost $30,000 worth of prizes -- including gaming systems like the brand new Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii, a Samsung Tablet, a luxury stay at the brand new Cosmopolitan Hotel, a $1,500 Sears gift card, a $500 Best Buy gift card -- and much, much more!

Just watch the show from Monday, December 20th to Sunday, January 2nd, and come to the website to answer questions about the show. You might be one of the 3 lucky winners! For more information on how to win, and to enter for your chance, go here.

watch and winter

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Has anyone ever won anything on the Ellen Show? I was a home viewer winner for lap of luxury week and no one from the show ever contacted me????

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and portia mama and your staff and their families and portia"s family and your pets.I can't enter your contest because my computer crashed and i can't upload a picture i'm on my sisters computer and i'm not very good on computers any.I know you hear some really sad stories and some of them make me cry I can't afford anything for my family i live on a small disability check and once my rent and just my household bills are paid i have nothing left but i have a roof over my head and some people don't i cry alot but to myself i don't burden my familiy it's hard for them also.
love your show and you have a heart of gold my god bless you and all.Be kind to everyone
suzanne mccolligan

Hi Ellen, I too have problems with the 500 word entry. I wrote you alot about myself, but had to remove most of it to send it to you. I also am not high tec, but I keep trying. I donot have a camera to send a photo, but I keep trying. I have been able to help save the world, but I can tell you I have worked very hard in factories my entire life to raise my family. I have been divorced for ove 30 years, raised to sons alone, took care of my mother for 5 years, and a grandson for 3 years. Due to the ecomney, I ended up homeless for 2 years--landed a job, rented a house, I have been here 1 year this month. Last i was not able to give my family anything for Christmas, but I got a home. It would mean so much to give them a Christma, and all who has helpep me along the way. Thank-you and Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Sallie Yoder

I also am having a hard time uploading a picture. Also, are we supposed to write about ourselves every day? Is there a phone number where we can talk to a person?

Hi Ellen,
I, too, am having a problem submitting a personal story when I enter your "Watch and WINter". It's frustrating when one part states "500 words or less," another states "2120 characters limit" and when one submits within those guidelines, a message states to limit to "500 characters". I know there are a lot of us out there hurting financially and employment wise, so all I can do is hope and pray that I am randomly chosen. If we could just win the tv would be great as we have been squinting our eyes watching our 19" tv for over a year as ours broke and can't afford to buy a new one. I would GLADLY share any of the gifts if I win. You have been so generous and, believe it or not, I've caught my husband wiping his eyes when you surprise those less fortunate individuals with cars, pet food, money or whatever their cause is. You're great, Ellen. I also love that you share your birthday with others who share the same birthday as you. Mine is the same day as Oprah, and wrote to her for several years to do the same and invite Tom Selleck as his is the same day also. :-) (That would be one hecka good party, eh?!!) Take care and enjoy your holiday.

I have been having trouble also. I love your show and I hope you touch the people you love. Hope to hear from you Ellen. Thanks for your show!

Hello Ellen and Everyone at Ellens show.
Thank you all so much for the hard work that you are putting into this give away and for allowing us all to win.I half to say I need and want to win just as bad as anyone.So good luck to everyone.

I am writing you this here because I can never fit my story into 500 words or less.

I am 37 years old and I injured my back at work in 2008,I had 2 back surgery's and now have permanet nerve damage to my back and legs.I can never be on your show because of the traveling.So this is my only chance of winning.I have a amazing almost 17 year old son who helps me so much and goes to school everyday and brings home all A's.He is gonna go to a Community College,because he knows that mommy can't afford a College for him now.
Anyways there are 8 people in my home,due to the economy and the injury to myself.My family hasn't had a real Christmas in over 2 years now.We don't even have a Christmas Tree.I have 2 God Children that lives with me and their mother,they lost their home.There ages are 6 and 10.Then my mother and her husband lives here as well.Then there's my husband and I.So we have alot,and we have our 4 indoor Chihuahua's and our 4 outside doggies.So we have a very large family.It would just be nice to have something positive to happen to my family for once,we have gone thru so much in the past 2 1/2 years,that is why this contest is so important to me.I have entered everyday of the give away and have even taught myself facebook and twitter just to stay in touch with you.
I like the others hate posting my picture,but that is ok.I gained over 100 pounds when I was injured.So I look like a whale now.I suffer from Chronic pain all the time and take many medications,so my family helps me alot.And winning this would benefit every single member in my home,even my doggies (they are my babies).
So please consider my family when you make your choice of three families.

Much Love & happiness to you all and everyone else here Ellen's show.Have a Special Christmas everyone.

And remember to share in the peace and Love of the Holiday..Lueann

Hi Ellen! First I would like to say I love your show and you are an inspiraion to others. I have been trying to enter your 12 Days of Watch and WINter contest, but it is very frustrating that the rules call for 500 words and for some reason the submission is only allowing 500 "characters". That's about 100 words and almost impossible to write a creative or inspirational story with. Could someone please fix this problem? My first two entries don't seem to have gone through, but todays rather skimpy story did. Thank you so much for a great show and for the peeks into Ellen as a person rather than a celebrity. I so enjoyed the show with Portia, too! Thanks so much for all you give.

Yep, I am also having a slight battle with the 500 words/lack there of within this site. I also don't see the reason for a picture of the person as it does come across as a bit bias. So far, I have the answers for three days, but alas the site "was down" on day 2, and my answer with Portia's segment did not go through. Sigh..
Technology can be a bit frustrating at times.


hi ellen I love your show. I have been trying to enter the give aways but don't know if they got thru.. I would love to win these prizes. our lives have been up an down for the last few years.I would be so excited to win. I would love to come to your show but diff to far to go

Ellen, just want to say thank you for giving your home audience a chance to win also. I am excited and hopeful that I win. I am one of your new viewers, and I am so excited. I just learned about my DVR and how I can schedule your show to tape while I am at work. My kids are home for the school break, and sometimes I wish I could be home with them during this time, but hey somebody has to work. I have 4 kids ages 16, 14, 12 and 7, and they laugh at me when I be trying to do the dancing part across my little table in the living room. They say "mom come on now Ellen does better than you". Anyway, thanks for this opportunity.

Has anyone ever won an ellen giveaway? i won as a home viewer on the lap of luxury week, believe i won a 55inch vizio tv and have not heard from the ellen show. I don't know how to contact the show or how to ask about winning a prize. i'm beginning to think they probably won't be sending me anything.

If someone could fix the number of accepted characters for the contest from 500 (that it requires to enter) to the full 500 words that it says in the contest rules it would greatly be appreciated.

This sucks! I can't enter because I load a picture & do not know how, I'm a senior w/ dial up. I dont know the fancy stuff. seems like if your not high tech you can't win anything that is not fair that is discrimation

I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble writing the 500 word story. It has been doing the same to me where it says 2010 characters available, but won't let me send until i'm at only 500 characters. I can't fit my story into two sentences! I hope they fix this problem!

@Andrea, I have rewritten maybe 6 times. Keep trying if it's important to you. It is too me and i got it all to fit. :-)

The rules for the Twelves Day gifts says I'm allowed 500 words, but when I try to put my entry through, it says I can only use 500 characters. Please fix this.

I cannot see where I can submit my entry. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hey Ellen, I would 1st like to say that you are amazing! I want to enter to win because I am a single mother of 3 and I haven't been able to give them things. They are good kids, I have 2 boys 6 & 4 and my lil girl 16mo. They never ask for much so thats why I would like to win.We are staying with my mother & i would like to help her out this Christmas. The economy is so hard right now. Thank you for all you do! I hope I win! Have great Holidays! We love YOU!!!

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