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Bad Paid-For Photos

Clumsy Thumbsy

12 Days of Giveaways

What's Wrong with These Photos?

November 2010 Archives

A Whole Bunch of Buick Giveaways!

Over the past month, Ellen has given away a whole lot of Buicks to her deserving audience members. See all the best moments here.

video: buick giveaway montage

The Weather Hits Amy

Ellen's writer, Amy, volunteered to report on the volatile Los Angeles weather -- right as a storm front moved in!

video: ellen's writer, amy

Find Out More About Buick and Heidi Klum for New Balance

Find out more information about Buick and Heidi Klum for New Balance. Click here!

buick regal heidi klum

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Quotes of the Day: Oh No They Did Nut!

Quotes of the Day: Oh No They Did Nut!

Lil' P-Nut

"My uncle said my head looked like a peanut when I was born. But I don't believe him." — Lil' P-Nut, on how he got his nickname

Maura Tierney

"If anybody wants to feel my boobs, they can feel my boobs. Well, not anybody." — Maura Tierney

Three Times a Fan!

Ellen loves her littlest fans, but she loves these girls three times over! Their mommy, Lisa in Naples, Florida, sent in this photo of her triplets; Hannah, Ana and Maya -- who all love Ellen. See more photos of what Ellen's fans are doing while watching the show -- in our photo gallery.

photo gallery

Stuck in a Tree

stuck in a tree

Angie from Plano, Texas sent us this hilarious photo of her nephew, who was stuck in a tree. At least this time it wasn't the cat!

See more of our funniest photos!

Feather and Fur Become Friends

This parakeet can't get enough of his feline friend, and the cat seems to have some fun too!


A Day in Ellen's Photos Featuring LL Cool J!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
ll cool j with ellen
lil' p-nut with ellen a gift for lil' p-nut ll cool j with ellen maura tierney with ellen tony

Singing Their Way to Ellen

These two from Sydney, Australia really want to make it to the show. They created this YouTube video to share just how strong their desire is -- in song, of course!

video: singing their way to ellen

A Tortoise Adopts a Hippo

This young hippo has found a new mom! After a tsunami swept the hippopotamus away from his home in Kenya, he was rescued by wildlife workers and placed in a sanctuary. There, he met a century-old tortoise, who happily took on the role of mother for the young hippo!

They do everything together, and the young hippo even protects his new mom. Take a look at these photos of the adorable duo.

a hippo and tortoise

An Adorable Puffy Puppy!

This little guy doesn't need to do a thing to be one of the cutest puppies ever!

video: cute puppy

Maura Tierney Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

Today, Maura Tierney stopped by to chat with Ellen. She opened up about her recent battle with breast cancer and some of the unexpected moments during her treatment.

video: maura tierney chats with ellen

Sharing a Special Moment

Lori from Lebanon, Illinois sent us this photo of her sister's pets -- looks like she walked in on a special moment! For more funny photos like this, check out our Unlikely Animal Pair photo gallery.

unlikely animal pair photo gallery

Watch Maura Tierney Talk About a Prank -- On Ellen's iPhone App

On her final season of "ER," Maura Tierney decided to play a little prank the show next door, "Chuck." You can hear her talk about the time she stole their van, and their reaction -- all on Ellen's iPhone App. Download it for free here.

download ellen's iphone app!

Win a $150 QVC Gift Card!

qvc gift card

Tomorrow is a big day for shopping -- so why not enjoy a little extra help? We're giving you a chance to win a $150 QVC gift card. Just enter here for your chance to win!

Find Out More About Fisher-Price


After the adorable Lil' P-Nut performed his rap on the show, Ellen gave him a brand new Fisher-Price Cadillac Escalade, which he immediately took for a spin backstage. You can find out more about Fisher-Price right here.

7-Year-Old Rapper Lil' P-Nut

Ellen featured an absolutely adorable 7-year-old rapper, Lil' P-Nut. He charmed Ellen before performing an amazing, original rap.

video: lil' p-nut raps for ellen

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LL Cool J Gets a Scare

While talking with Ellen, LL Cool J mentioned his fear of horses. Then Ellen wanted to know if he was scared of people in horse costumes. He is!

video: ll cool j gets a scare

See more photos of celebrities getting a scare!

It's Twits & Ask with Ellen!

Ellen had such a great time responding to her fans' questions, today she did another round of her favorite new segment, Twits & Ask.

A Little Boy Loves Weddings!

photo gallery: what's wrong with these photos - wedding

Deborah from Toledo, Ohio sent in this hilarious photo of her 5-year-old nephew at a recent wedding. She said he'd better enjoy it now -- he won't get away with it 15 years from now! But we're pretty sure he'll still give it a shot! For more funny photos that just aren't right, check out our What's Wrong with These Photos? gallery.