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Bad Paid-For Photos

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What's Wrong with These Photos?

September 2010 Archives

Ellen's Guide to Dating Sites

In the digital age, it can be very difficult to find your special one. Fortunately, specialty dating sites abound, and today Ellen is featuring some of the best -- and funniest.

video: ellen's guide to dating sites

A Day in Ellen's Photos Featuring Jimmy Smits!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
jimmy smits with ellen
ellen and audience member ellen and adam levine ellen with rick fox and cheryl burke ellen with ed helms ellen and le reve

Watch Ellen and Jimmy Smits Compete -- On the iPhone App!

Today, Ellen challenged Jimmy Smits to a game of Television Celebrity. You can find out how they did -- on Ellen's iPhone App. Download it for free here.

download ellen's iphone app!

Cats Watching Cats

Cher in Cavite City, Philippines has some cultured cats! She took this photo of them paying attention as she watched the musical "Cats." For more cute photos like this, check out our Best Pet photo gallery.

photo gallery: best pet - cats love the musical cats

This Bad Paid-For Tattoo is Headed to Abbey Road

photo gallery: bad paid for tattoos - abbey road

Carol from Hamilton, Canada sent in this photo of her son's Bad Paid-For Tattoo. She still has no idea what inspired it -- but she has a long time to figure it out! See even more Bad Paid-For Tattoos in our photo gallery.

Ellen Fondly Remembers Cat Week

All good things must come to an end. It's the last day of Cat Week, so today Ellen remembered all the fun -- with this montage.

video: ellen's cat week montage

Rick Fox Talks 'Dancing with the Stars'

Today, Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke stopped by to chat about "Dancing with the Stars." Rick opened up about his career-ending injury, and how he's been managing it with all the intense dancing.

video: ellen chats with rick fox and cheryl burke

Jimmy Smits Loves the Show!

While in his dressing room waiting for the show to begin, Jimmy Smits recorded this video to share what he loves about the show.

video: jimmy smits backstage

Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke Share Their Team Name

After chatting with Ellen, Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke recorded this video backstage.

video: backstage with rick fox and cheryl burke

Getting to Know Each Other

When Jennifer from West Covina, California adopted her new kitty, she took the time to introduce it to the rest of her pets. This rabbit took the time to think it through -- and he approved! You can see more adorable photos like this in our Unlikely Animal Pair photo gallery.

photo gallery: unlikely animal pairs - kitten and rabbit

Win Maroon 5's New Album!

marron 5 cd

After Maroon 5's amazing performance of "Hands All Over," Ellen gave the entire audience a copy of their brand new album, "Hands All Over." We have a few extra copies, and we're giving you a chance to win one! To enter, just click here.

Find Out Where You Can Adopt a Cat


Ellen decided to end Cat Week by doing something important. Her pet food company, Halo, is donating $5,000 to the Burbank Animal Shelter, which has 150 cats that need to be adopted. You can find out more about Halo Pet Products here.

Today Ellen concluded Cat Week by encouraging everyone to adopt a cat. There are cats all across the country who need a loving home, and you can adopt one from a shelter near you. There are some great resources to find a shelter right here.

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Learn More About Tell a Gal Pal

cheryl burke

While at the show, Cheryl Burke talked about an organization that is very important to her. It's called Tell a Gal Pal. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and the movement encourages everyone to talk about it. You can find out more about Tell a Gal Pal at the Click to Empower website.

Hidden Camera Fun at Starbucks

Ellen loves her hidden camera pranks at Starbucks, but when she sends a celebrity, people know what's happening. Today she sent one of her audience members instead... and got some hilarious reactions!

video: hidden camera at starbucks with an audience member

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Find Out More About Moviefone.com's 20th Year!


Moviefone is celebrating its 20th year with a brand new website and a huge contest. They're giving away 20,000 tickets over the next 20 days. One winner will even win free movie tickets for life! You can find out more at Moviefone.com.

A High School Band Gone Global: Maroon 5

maroon 5

Since their 2002 debut, Maroon 5 has sold over 10 million albums in the US, 15 million worldwide, and they've won three Grammys. It might have never happened if the band stopped after their early incarnation wasn't well received. Instead, they persisted -- and it paid off.

The band didn't always go by the name Maroon 5. While in high school, Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, and Ryan Dusick formed a group called Kara's Flowers. They signed to a record label, but unfortunately, their first album fell flat and the group disbanded. Levine and Carmichael headed to college in New York, where they were introduced to gospel, hip-hop and R&B. With new inspiration, they reformed their band with a new name: Maroon 5.

The newly formed Maroon 5 released their debut album, "Songs About Jane" in 2002. It proved to be a sleeper hit -- the album landed in the Billboard Top Ten a full two years later. They won the Best New Artist Grammy in 2004, then hit the road after that. The extensive touring was too much for Ryan Dusick, who left the band and was replaced by Matt Flynn. Maroon 5 then won two additional Grammys in 2005 and 2007, and have proven themselves to be a force in the music industry.

Maroon 5 followed up their debut album with "It Won't Soon Be Long" in 2007, and they've just released their latest album, "Hands All Over." They stopped by to perform their single, "Misery" -- check it out right here.

Maroon 5 -- Tour Dates

maroon 5

10/6 - Santa Barbara, CA

10/8 - Los Angeles, CA

10/9 - Los Angeles, CA

10/10 - Berkeley, CA

10/12 - Tacoma, WA

10/14 - Fresno, CA

10/15 - Sacramento, CA

10/16 - San Diego, CA

10/19 - Tulsa, OK

10/21 - Dallas, TX

10/22 - The Woodlands, TX

10/23 - Biloxi, MS

10/27 - Chicago, IL

10/28 - Minneapolis, MN

10/29 - Mahnomen, MN

Featured Videos of September 23, 2010

video: ellen's monologue video: ellen in a minute video: ellen's pick of the day

Ellen's Monologue

Ellen in a Minute

Ellen's Pick

There's a Fungus Amoung Us September 23, 2010 President Bill Clinton Explains His Vegan Diet
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It's a One-Sided Relationship

photo gallery: unlikely pairs - baby and dog

Megan from Westlake, Ohio sent in this adorable photo. This 9-month-old just loves the family bulldog, however, the feelings don't seem to be mutual! You can see more cute pet photos in our gallery.

Bid on Shoes Signed by Ellen for Charity!

One of this week's musical guests, Michael Franti, has partnered with the organization Soles4Souls to help distribute millions of new and used shoes to those who need them across the globe. Ellen signed a pair of shoes that will be auctioned off to benefit Soles4Souls. Michael Franti explains it in this video. You can bid on the shoes right here.

video: michael franti explains soles4souls