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What's Wrong with These Photos?

September 2010 Archives

Lil' P-Nut Rolls Backstage

After Ellen gave him a brand new Fisher-Price Escalade, Lil' P-Nut couldn't wait to take it for a spin. He drove in style all the way backstage!

video: lil' p-nut's backstage

What's Happening on Twitter Today

Tweets of the Day: September 27, 2010


in NYC this week! Already had some star sightings over the wknd incl John Mayer & @VinnyGuadagnino from Jersey Shore. He's a cool dude!


Couldn't be more excited about our new single to country radio, "Hello World"! Request it today!!


Shooting for Self Magazine today! Love the amazing crew of women that run the mag. Excited to see them! How's your Monday kicking off?


http://twitpic.com/2sj5rm-Back on the set with the Familia




Ever hesitate to checkin on Foursquare because you're afraid you just might end up the mayor of wherever you are? (@ IHOP)


The sound of my alarm clock came very early this AM....But Vampire Weekend at the Hollywood Bowl last night was a really great show!!


thanks for all the nice coments on my singing as a 13 year old, if you havn`t seen it, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M-4txgoSkA


So frustrating when you have to text but you're home so you have to go get in the car and drive all the way to the left lane of the freeway.


Watching East Bound and Down 1st episode of the 2nd season... I'm born again

Singing Their Way to Ellen

These two from Sydney, Australia really want to make it to the show. They created this YouTube video to share just how strong their desire is -- in song, of course!

video: singing their way to ellen

A Tortoise Adopts a Hippo

This young hippo has found a new mom! After a tsunami swept the hippopotamus away from his home in Kenya, he was rescued by wildlife workers and placed in a sanctuary. There, he met a century-old tortoise, who happily took on the role of mother for the young hippo!

They do everything together, and the young hippo even protects his new mom. Take a look at these photos of the adorable duo.

a hippo and tortoise

Maura Tierney Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

Today, Maura Tierney stopped by to chat with Ellen. She opened up about her recent battle with breast cancer and some of the unexpected moments during her treatment.

video: maura tierney chats with ellen

Sharing a Special Moment

Lori from Lebanon, Illinois sent us this photo of her sister's pets -- looks like she walked in on a special moment! For more funny photos like this, check out our Unlikely Animal Pair photo gallery.

unlikely animal pair photo gallery

It's Twits & Ask with Ellen!

Ellen had such a great time responding to her fans' questions, today she did another round of her favorite new segment, Twits & Ask.

Win Ellen's Cat Week Calendar

cat week calendar

Last week was Cat Week, and Ellen loved it so much, she decided to celebrate cats all year long. She got in contact with Shutterfly.com and made photo calendars of her cats, which she gave to everyone in the audience. You can get one too, just enter for your chance to win here. To make your own photo calendar and other great projects, go to Shutterfly.com.

Watch Maura Tierney Talk About a Prank -- On Ellen's iPhone App

On her final season of "ER," Maura Tierney decided to play a little prank the show next door, "Chuck." You can hear her talk about the time she stole their van, and their reaction -- all on Ellen's iPhone App. Download it for free here.

download ellen's iphone app!

Find Out More About Fisher-Price


After the adorable Lil' P-Nut performed his rap on the show, Ellen gave him a brand new Fisher-Price Cadillac Escalade, which he immediately took for a spin backstage. You can find out more about Fisher-Price right here.

7-Year-Old Rapper Lil' P-Nut

Ellen featured an absolutely adorable 7-year-old rapper, Lil' P-Nut. He charmed Ellen before performing an amazing, original rap.

video: lil' p-nut raps for ellen

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S*** My Mama Says: Yo, Ellen!

S*** My Mama Says: Oprah

S*** My Mama Says: Sick and Tired

Brooke Shields Gets Scared

A Breathtaking Performance by Le Rêve

This week, the cast of Le Rêve gave an absolutely amazing performance on the show. Some of their feats are simply unbelievable!

video: le reve perform live for ellen

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Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke Dance for Ellen!

This week, Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke stopped by to chat about "Dancing with the Stars" -- and they hit the dance floor with an amazing routine!

video: rick fox and cheryl burke dance

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Featured Videos of September 23, 2010

video: ellen's monologue video: ellen in a minute video: ellen's pick of the day

Ellen's Monologue

Ellen in a Minute

Ellen's Pick

Log On for Love September 24, 2010 A Brand New Fashion Line
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This Sign Doesn't Seem Right

Lauren from Centerpoint, New York was in the city with her friends when she passed this sign. Unfortunately, they were looking for wet t-shirts. You can see more photos like this in our What's Wrong with These Photos? gallery.

photo gallery: what's wrong with these photos - wet pants