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Bad Paid-For Photos

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September 2010 Archives

See What Ellen Does 30 Seconds to Air -- On the iPhone App!

With only 30 seconds left until the show starts, Ellen has her own way of getting ready. You can see what she did before today's show -- exclusively on her iPhone App. If you don't have it yet, download it for free here.

download ellen's iphone app!

Ellen Helps You Through a Tattoo

Miranda from Mannford, Oklahoma wrote in to tell us that she was having a hard time getting a tattoo, so she looked for something to take her mind off the pain. When she switched the TV to Ellen, she knew she'd found what she needed, and swears that it helped her get through it!

Hopefully, she won't end up in our hilarious gallery of Bad Paid-For Tattoos!

photo: tattoo watching ellen

John Stamos Gets Going on 'Glee'

He's the newest addition to the hit show "Glee," but it turns out John Stamos has a little bit of a history with the show. Find out why he pretended he wasn't a fan -- until now!

video: ellen chats with john stamos

That's Some Suggestive Stripping!

funny sign gallery: stripping

This sign caught the attention of Roxanna from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Who doesn't like stripping? Furniture stripping, that is. You can see more funny signs like this in our photo gallery here.

Watch Vampire Weekend's Performance and More -- On Ellen's Music Page

They're one of the top indie bands of the year -- and today they're here! Vampire Weekend stopped by to perform their hit song, "Holiday." You can watch the video of their performance, learn more about the band, get album info and more all on Ellen's Music Page.

music page: vampire weekend

Portia's Inspiring Visit to The Gentle Barn

Ellen and Portia recently learned about an amazing organization called The Gentle Barn, which rescues and rehabilitates farm animals in need of help. Portia took the time to visit with some cameras -- you don't want to miss this amazing piece.

video: portia visits the gentle barn

Brad Womack is 'The Bachelor' Once Again!

Last night the new "Bachelor" was finally announced -- and it turns out it's an old one! Brad Womack decided to look for love one more time, and he stopped by for an exclusive interview with Ellen. He told her what's changed this time around.

video: ellen chats with brad womack

Win Vampire Weekend's CD, 'Contra'

win vampire weekend's new  cd contra

Vampire Weekend's latest album, "Contra," debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year -- making it only the 12th independent album to do so since 1991! You can find out why everyone loves it if you win a copy of the album for yourself. Just enter here for your chance.

Web Exclusive: Vampire Weekend Performs 'Cousins'

After their performance of "Holiday," Vampire Weekend hung around to perform another song exclusively for Ellen's website. Check out their performance of "Cousins" right here!

video: vampire weekend performs cousines

Find Out More About Levi's Curve ID

levi jeans

Today Ellen transformed her Riff-Raff room into a Levi's store filled with Curve ID specialists. Levi's Curve ID lets women find the perfect fit jeans based on body type -- not size. You can find out more about Levi's Curve ID jeans right here.

The Hottest Day in L.A.

It's the hottest day ever recorded in Los Angeles, so Ellen has mobilized her staff to find out what's happening outside. Find out how everyone is handling the sweltering heat.

video: ellen's report on the hotest recorded day in los angeles

Continue reading "The Hottest Day in L.A." »

A College Band Makes it Big: Vampire Weekend

vampire weekend

In 2006, Columbia University students Ezra Koenig, Chris Baio, Rostam Batmanglij and Chris Tomson formed a band in what was the last year of school for most of them. With a humble beginning of recording songs in dorm rooms and performing at campus events, Vampire Weekend has since become one of the top indie bands.

Word spread quickly about Vampire Weekend's unique sound. With an eclectic mix of musical styles and quirky lyrics (one song, "Oxford Comma," is about the proper use of a comma), they earned attention from the music industry and signed with XL Recordings. Their official self-titled debut album was released in 2008, and their songs made it to Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs of the Year, as well as a variety of film and television shows -- including Will Ferrell's comedy, "Step Brothers."

This year, they released their second album, "Contra." It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 -- which made it only the 12th independently-distributed album to top the chart since 1991. They stopped by the show to perform their hit song, "Holiday." Check it out right here.

Vampire Weekend -- Tour Dates

vampire weekend

9/28/10 - San Diego, CA

9/29/10 - Las Vegas, NV

10/2/10 - Kansas City, MO

10/3/10 - St Louis, MO

10/4/10 - Tulsa, OK

10/6--Dallas, TX

10/7/10 - Houston, TX

10/11/10 - Orlando, FL

10/13/10 - Miami, FL

11/10/10 - Lisbon, Portugal

11/11/10 - Porto, Portugal

11/12/10 - Madrid, Spain

11/13/10 - Barcelona, Spain

11/15/10 - Brussels, Belgium

11/17/10 - Paris, France

11/18/10 - Berlin, Germany

11/20/10 - Munich, Germany

11/21/10 - Dusseldorf, Germany

11/23/10 - Amsterdam , Zuid-Oost

11/25/10 - Blackpool, Lancashire

11/26/10 - City Centre, Wolverhampton

11/28/10 - Edinburgh, Edinburgh

11/29/10 - Sheffield, Yorkshire

12/1/10 - Brighton, East Sussex

12/2/10 - Alexandra Palace Way, London

12/3/10 - Alexandra Palace Way, London

12/5/10 - Dublin, Ireland

12/6/10 - Dublin, Ireland

Help Gizzy Find a New Home!

help gizzy

Gizzy is a 4-year-old female Bichon Frise who needs a new home. Her owner has been deployed to Afghanistan, so Gizzy needs a new place to live. Gizzy is currently staying at the Burbank Animal Shelter, where they say she seems to get along well with other dogs, and loves to smile! She has a skin condition that will need some extra care, and recently had a bladder stone removed. If you think you can provide Gizzy with the love and extra care she needs, the Burbank Animal Shelter is certain she will return the love tenfold.

You can meet Gizzy at:
The Burbank Animal Shelter
(818) 238-3340
1150 North Victory Place
Burbank, CA 91502

They are open Monday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM

Help a Puppy Named Firu to Recover!

help a puppy

A 1.5-year-old Boxer/American Bulldog mix named Firu needs your help! He was recently dragged behind his owner's truck and is currently healing from the terrible ordeal. The local Animal Control agency has taken him away from his owner and a woman named Samantha Hodge has graciously agreed to take care of him.

Firu will recover, but he has a long road ahead of him. The vet is going to need a lot of help to make sure that Firu has everything he needs to get well -- and you can provide it.

He is currently staying with Samantha's vet, Dr. Tom Wallrich, and will be put up for adoption when he is ready.

If you would like to help Firu, you can send donations to the vet clinic:
Animal Hospital of East Burke
Dr. Tom Wallrich
c/o Samantha Hodge
202 Eldred St NE
Valdese, NC 28690

Featured Videos of September 27, 2010

video: ellen's monologue video: ellen in a minute video: ellen's pick of the day

Ellen's Monologue

Ellen in a Minute

Ellen's Pick

Twits & Ask September 27, 2010 Hidden Camera Fun at Starbucks
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Quotes of the Day: Oh No They Did Nut!

Quotes of the Day: Oh No They Did Nut!

Lil' P-Nut

"My uncle said my head looked like a peanut when I was born. But I don't believe him." — Lil' P-Nut, on how he got his nickname

Maura Tierney

"If anybody wants to feel my boobs, they can feel my boobs. Well, not anybody." — Maura Tierney

Three Times a Fan!

Ellen loves her littlest fans, but she loves these girls three times over! Their mommy, Lisa in Naples, Florida, sent in this photo of her triplets; Hannah, Ana and Maya -- who all love Ellen. See more photos of what Ellen's fans are doing while watching the show -- in our photo gallery.

photo gallery

Stuck in a Tree

stuck in a tree

Angie from Plano, Texas sent us this hilarious photo of her nephew, who was stuck in a tree. At least this time it wasn't the cat!

See more of our funniest photos!

A Day in Ellen's Photos Featuring LL Cool J!

See a fresh batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
ll cool j with ellen
lil' p-nut with ellen a gift for lil' p-nut ll cool j with ellen maura tierney with ellen jimmy smits with ellen