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'Sweet Freedom' by Ricki Heller

sweet freedom
Just because you're vegan, it doesn't mean you have to give up desserts! Vegan blogger Ricki Heller loves desserts, and wanted a healthy diet without having to give up her daily treats -- so she created the "Sweet Freedom" cookbook.

With over 100 original recipes for treats made with whole, natural ingredients, you'll discover that you can have amazing desserts without eggs, dairy, refined sugars or any artificial ingredients. Find out more on her recipe blog, "Diet, Desserts and Dogs."

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Sweet_freedom_by_ricki_heller_0415.. Ho-o-o-o-t :)

I sent you a copy of my children's book "Tator's Big Race" a few weeks ago. Tator the Gator reminds me of you. Sweet, cute, lovable, true blue, a little awkward...and yes funny. He also longs to win an award. Did you read it?

Invite Ricki to the show!

I'd really love to see Ricki on your show! She is an incredible chef and writer, and I am sure that your audience will adore her as much as I do.

Love your show Ellen!
My career choice of being an RN is now enhanced with being an author publishing a book titled "So..You Want to Be A Florence Nightingale?" It seems nursing is often overlooked on talk shows, but my book is "NURSING HUMOR" at it's best so think it would be a good read for you. Reviews have been great with descriptive words like hilarious, too funny, and laugh outloud humor. Please contact me for a complimentary copy.

I have been enjoying Ricki's treats for years!!! She is a wonderful teacher too and would be great to show the audience there is 'life after sugar'!


Please put her on your show!!! She is my hero for writing a vegan desserts cookbook and it's dessert that is not fattening and is not cruel!!!!!!!!

how do I get ellen to read my book, do I have to send her a copy..I think she will love it...

Ricki & her book are seriously amazing! Everything in Sweet Freedom tastes so good and is so much better for you than regular baked goods. I would looooooooooove to see her on your show! More people need to be exposed to this wonderful book and its treats.

I'm sure all the recipes in Ricki's book are fabulous, but I'm so addicted to the blondies I haven't had a chance to try many of the others. You should invite her on the show to bake a few incredible vegan desserts for you. You won't be sorry.

Thank all that is good in the world for Ricki and her ingenious book. Through it, I found the light of healthy eating with flavor and delight (but now without the guilt!) Her book also saved my marriage. Well... maybe not literally, but it could have helped! It would be so wonderful to see her on your show, maybe right after Oprah and before Simon Colwell. Now, wouldn't that be the perfect show?

ricki's receipe book is a truly fabulous find. no one ever has any idea how healthy these treats are cause they are just soooooooooo tastey. ricki truly has a talent for healthy cooking and anyone that has the opportunity to utilize her knowledge will find her a true blessing.

We're fans of Ricki's fantastic recipes---and kudos to you, Ellen, for showcasing such great vegan talent. Delish!

Erica at Wellness Foods

Hi Ellen,
I have known Ricki for a long time. I have taken her baking classes, and her recipes are delicious, healthy and wonderful for people with food sensitivities. She is warm, funny and very, very witty...you two would have a great time together on your show.


my sister mary and i are like your biggest fan ever i am trying to make a world dominatoin theme song .... mary & i were looking up tikets for your show and cried when we saw u had to be 14 .
:( :( :( :( :( :( were onley 11 ok my sister would love to talk to you so here she is...hi ellen i looooooooooove u so much...and guess who we're geting on our b-day cake a picture of you and our school binder has your pics all over it and we're painting our rooms with your name and the words laugh.love.ellen...and like megan said we realy want to see you but even if we got tickets we would not be able to fly to calafonia but maybe if we do get ticketts i will beg every one to take us as i said were only 11 and we looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much did i mention ilove you p.s. were helping with world domination we loooooooooove you sooooooooooo much p.s. we love you so much love u we wish we were related to you like halie berry and madona (wink wink) l.o.l.:)-we will see you soon hopefully!! did we mention we lllloooooooovvvve you to infenity & beyond love the sisters/twins

were your biggest fans we will thank of you untill we see you papa papa paparatzi (lol lady gaga)

Hi Ellen, I have known Ricki for most of my life and she has always been a fabulous cook,a wonderful, funny, witty woman with a PHD no less. I would love to see her on your show and if possible be in the audience.

Ok, Ellen. Here's the scoop on this Ricki Heller and her new recipe book, "Sweet Freedom". She's opened up a whole new world for me, as well as many others! Her book is life-changing! She makes the transition to optimum health a very easy and delicious one!
I've always loved home-made baked treats (I was practically raised on them :) But, who knew I could bake and enjoy guilt-free goodies that are actually good for me too. She turns conventional recipies into healthful and ammmazing versions that taste so much better than their passe counterparts. Ricki's really onto something here.
You just gotta have her on to share the good news ...Now you CAN have your cake and EAT it too!


Ricki's stuff is sin without the guilt; the perfect (and these days only) treat for a middle-aged, health-fanatic, calorie-obsessed, workout-addicted, Jewish male. I discovered Ricki's treats at a high-school reunion (like a crack dealer, she supplied all of us for free), and have been a gobbling fan ever since. Do yourself and your viewers a favor...try one. Yeah...just one ;)

I am so happy to see Ricki's book featured here! C'mon, Ellen! We want to see you and Ricki cooking up some Sweet Freedom goodies on your show! (by the way, have you seen Ricki dance? you two would make a fabulous dancing duo!)

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