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January 2010 Archives

Win 'The Invention of Lying' on DVD!

dvd: the invention of lying

Today Ellen gave her audience the hilarious movie "The Invention of Lying" on DVD. They aren't the only ones able to win a copy -- you might too. Enter now to win "The Invention of Lying" on DVD.

Video of the Day: Dennis Quaid's Hilarious Hidden Camera Fun

He's back! After last year's hilarious hidden camera pranks at Starbucks, Ellen asked Dennis Quaid to go for another round -- this time with an unsuspecting delivery man! Dennis had everyone laughing the entire time -- don't miss it!

dennis quaid's hilarious hidden camera fun

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Featured Videos of January 19, 2010

ellen monologue: animal instincts jeff bridges twins darius & demetrice sing for ellen

Ellen's Monologue

Ellen in a Minute

Ellen's Pick

Animal Instincts January 19, 2010 Twins Darius & Demetrice Sing for Ellen
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A Day in Ellen's Photos Featuring Jeff Bridges

See a batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
jeff bridges surprises ellen with a performance
subway hero douglas murphy tells ellen about rescuing a woman from the tracks
ellen asks how tom ford went from fashion design to directing one of the best movies of the year
ellen's favorite musician matt morris with his friend justin Ttmberlake

Matt Morris and Justin Timberlake Talk to Ellen-ites

In a special backstage message, Justin Timberlake introduces everyone to Ellen's favorite new musician, Matt Morris. Take a look.

matt morris and justin timberlake talk to ellen-ites

Spot the Differences Between these Pics of Ellen with Matt Morris and Justin Timberlake

There are 7 differences between these two photos. Click on one to see the full-size versions side by side. Then use your mouse to click on the differences! Can you find them all?

ellen's favorite musician matt morris with his friend justin timberlake

This Day in Ellen History: Clooney Was Caught!

Exactly one year ago today, Ellen finally caught George Clooney. All it took was former Cincinnati Reds players Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan.

this day in ellen history: clooney was caught!

It turns out we never needed the Victoria's Secret models, "Deal or No Deal" models, Miss America contestants, Playboy cover girls, Las Vegas showgirls, the Radio City Rockettes, the Naughty Nurse or the marching band.

Ellen's Audience Members Let Loose

When people come to the show, they just can't stop dancing! During the commercial break, these two women decided to have some fun in the aisles. Take a look!

ellen's audience members let loose

Jeff Bridges Loves His Bad Album Covers

When Jeff Bridges was at the show, Ellen had to ask him about his quirky website. He has a whole section dedicated to bad album covers -- and he brought some with him today. Take a look as he shares these hilarious album covers.

jeff bridges and ellen

Ellen's Favorite New Musician, Matt Morris, Performs with Justin Timberlake

Ellen can't stop talking about her favorite new musician, Matt Morris. Today he performed two songs for Ellen. For his second number, Matt's friend Justin Timberlake joined in! Watch it right here.

matt morris and justin timberlake perform

Ellen's Favorite New Musician: Matt Morris

matt morris

Ellen recently discovered a new musician named Matt Morris, and just can't stop listening to his CD. She loved it so much, she told all her Twitter followers about him and invited him to perform on the show. After hearing his music, you'll understand why she wanted to share him with the world.

The son of country star and Broadway actor Gary Morris, Matt was destined for a career in music from the very beginning. At the age of seven, he performed in front of a crowd of 15,000. In 1991, at the age of eleven, he joined the cast of the new "Mickey Mouse Club," along with future stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, J.C. Chasez, and most importantly, Justin Timberlake. After leaving the show in 1995, Matt took time to be with friends and family.

He eventually returned to the industry as a songwriter, collaborating with Kelly Clarkson, and former co-stars Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

Ellen absolutely loves it -- and thinks you will too! She welcomed him to the show, where he performed two songs: "Money" and "Bloodline" -- featuring Justin Timberlake and Charlie Sexton. You don't want to miss it! Check out the video.

Ellen Loves Matt Morris -- Watch His Performance of "Money" on Ellen's Music Page!

Ellen recently discovered the new musician Matt Morris and she can't stop listening to his album! She loves Matt so much, she wants everyone to know about him. Today Ellen welcomed him to the show to perform two of his hit songs. You can see Matt's performance of "Money" and find out more about him on Ellen's Music Page. While there, check out performances, photos and more about other great musicians!

matt morris

Win Matt Morris' New CD, 'When Everything Breaks Open'

Ellen loves Matt Morris and hasn't stopped listening to his new CD, "When Everything Breaks Open." You won't stop listening either if you win one of the copies we're giving away to our website visitors! For your chance to win, enter here.

artist: matt morris cd: when everything breaks open

Find Out More About the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

Today Ellen welcomed Douglas Murphy, the hero who saved an 88-year-old woman from an oncoming subway train. She thought he could use a chance to relax with his fiancée, so she gave him a 5-night stay at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort in the Bahamas! You can find out more about the luxurious beach getaway at the Sheraton Nassau website.

sheraton nassau beach resort

Jeff Bridges stopped by and told Ellen about the hilarious finds on his website. He has all sorts of odd album covers. If you want to take a look at them, check out his website here. You can also send him your great finds, but don't forget to send them to us too!

jeff bridges

Video of the Day: The Subway Hero Tells His Story to Ellen

Today Ellen welcomed Douglas Murphy -- the man who risked his life to save an 88-year-old woman from an oncoming subway train. He told his heroic story to Ellen. Find out what happened here.

douglas murphy and ellen

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Featured Videos of January 18, 2010

ellen monologue: segue to the segway jake pavelka char's amazing all-in-one sunglasses and earrings!

Ellen's Monologue

Ellen in a Minute

Ellen's Pick

Segue to the Segway January 18, 2010 Char's Amazing All-In-One Sunglasses and Earrings!
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A Day in Ellen's Photos Featuring Jake Pavelka

See a batch of exclusive Ellen photos!
ellen tells 'the bachelor' jake pavelka what she really thinks
ellen always knows how to make an entrance
ellen's reaching out to the world. today -- djibouti
darius and demetrice have an amazing performance for ellen
keith urban surprises Ellen with a performance
ellen loves keith
lmfao sing their new hit la la la

Ellen Grills 'The Bachelor'

"The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka dropped by to chat with Ellen about the new season of the show. Ellen took the time to give him her thoughts on what's happening -- watch to see what she thinks!

ellen grills the bachelor

Ellen's Outreach of Love to Djibouti

Ellen's Quest for World Domination -- otherwise known as Ellen's Outreach of Love -- continues as she reaches out... country to country. Today's focus: Djibouti. Take a look as she helps us all learn about this small African country.

ellen's outreach of love to djibouti

Quote of the Day: True Love

quote of the day: true love

"I told Portia I didn't want anything for Christmas. I said her love was enough for me. Thank goodness she didn't fall for that rigamarole."

-- Ellen